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Wheelchair Ramps in Tacoma


Wheelchair Ramps in Tacoma

Power wheelchairs or mobility scooters can sometimes have difficulty gaining access to certain areas, stairs, uneven streets, and older building can sometimes stop a wheelchair or scooter in it’s tracks. That's why the people at Absolute Mobility Center are pleased to showcase their collection of EZ-Access portable Wheelchair Ramps in Tacoma.

Wheelchair Ramps Quality

With over two decades of expertise in mobility equipment, the knowledgeable staff at Absolute Mobility Center are more than happy to help you find the ramp or equipment you need for your day to day life. These specialty Wheelchair Ramps in Tacoma have been picked by Absolute Mobility due to their quality and durability. When you’re trying to gain access to an out of the way place, having a reliable and sturdy ramp is greatly important. These wheelchair ramps are designed to make your life and travels easier.

Design of Our Wheelchair Ramps in Tacoma

EZ-Access brand ramps are specialized to make moving and placing their portable ramps a breeze. Two of the models you’ll find on display at Absolute Mobility Center feature easy to disassemble designs. The EZ-Access Trifold ramp is a three fold design and is built to be separated into two sections, making it easy to carry and store when not needed. Another ramp from EZ-Access is their suitcase ramp, it is a single fold ramp available in two to eight foot lengths. It also features an extruded non-skid surface for increased grip for both your wheelchair or mobility scooter. The self-adjusting transition plate also makes the shift from ramp to ground level much smoother. Both of the ramps are strong and built to last, EZ-Access prides itself on providing both the safety and strength that matter in portable ramps.

Absolute Mobility Center is a front running leader in the industry when it comes to mobility scooters, wheelchairs, wheelchair vans and equipment. The staff and technicians at Absolute have worked hard to create an atmosphere of support and friendliness with their customers. Absolute Mobility Center has two locations with climate controlled showrooms where you can feel at ease shopping for your new portable ramp or other mobility equipment.

Give Absolute Mobility Center a call today to find out more about their Wheelchair Ramps in Tacoma at (253) 267-5280 or their toll free number at (800) 376-8267. The folks at Absolute will be more than happy to answer your questions and help you find the best deal.

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