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Wheelchair Lifts in Tacoma


Wheelchair Lifts in Tacoma

The BraunAbility line of wheelchair lifts is on sale at Absolute Mobility Center in Tacoma. The Braun line of wheelchair lifts featured at Absolute Mobility Center are chosen for Braun’s experience and knowledge about providing solid and reliable lifts.

Wheelchair Lifts Design

BraunAbility lifts are some of the most tested and refined lifts on the market, they feature models designed for both full size wheelchair vans and mini-vans. With over two decades of experience and customer service Absolute Mobility Center is sure that you’ll find what you need within the Braun line-up of lifts. Braun backs this up with a three year limited warranty on their wheelchair lift systems. The line-up features lifts that are built to be tough, hassle free, and out of the way.

Models of Wheelchair Lifts in Tacoma

Absolute Mobility Center currently has four different Wheelchair Lifts in Tacoma for you to check out. The Braun Millenium Lift focuses on strong, time tested durability. You control the lift by the handheld pad and the entire lift is moved with hydraulics and is meant for the side or rear doors of a full size van. The Braun Century is also for sale at Absolute Mobility Center, it offers all of the standard benefits of a BraunAbility lift with a simplified electric system for less hassle. The Braun Century is designed with full sized vans in mind. The Braun Vantgager is designed with retaining ambulatory access in your wheelchair van.

When stowed away the lift retains half of the side doors access for ease of movement in and out of the vehicle. This compact and fully electric lift solves many problems found in some standard wheelchair lifts. BraunAbility also provides wheelchair users with another option for Wheelchair Lifts in Tacoma, the Braun UVL. The Braun UVL is installed on the underside of a full size van, this keeps the lift out of sight and out of the way of passengers. When needed the lift unfolds and still retaines the reliability and sturdiness that BraunAbility offers. The underside installation also means that mirrors are kept clear when driving to give a wider range of view.

Absolute Mobility Center proudly offers BraunAbility brand lifts because they know their customers deserve steadfast support. If you need help looking for Wheelchair Lifts in Tacoma or the surrounding area, be sure to call the folks at Absolute Mobility Center at their toll free number (800) 376-8267. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, or schedule a time to see these lifts in person.

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