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Powered Mobility Scooters in Tacoma

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Powered Mobility Scooters in Tacoma

Today, powered mobility scooters allow you go further, offering more freedom beyond traditional walkers, canes or manual wheelchairs. If you seek independence and convenience, an electric scooter might be the best choice for you. With powered mobility scooters, you can also maneuver over a variety of terrains and conditions, so you can enjoy the convenience and freedom of independence. If you are looking for a Powered Mobility Scooters in Tacoma, stop on by Absolute Mobility Center today.

Mobility Scooter Performance

Mobility is exciting and a powered mobility scooter offers you a lot of opportunities to go places. You may wonder how fast a powered mobility scooter can go, however it is important that you do so at a safe speed. Most powered mobility chairs move at an average maximum speed of about five mph, which is equivalent to a rapid or very brisk walk. However some mobility scooters can go as high as 10 mph, possibly more. This is equivalent to a fast run. That being said, you should opt for a slower pace for safety. You may be an active mobility scooter user, but for many day-to-day tasks, careful maneuverability is far more important than higher speeds. Absolute Mobility Center offers many options for Powered Mobility Scooters in Tacoma, with varying speed options. Speak with one of our specialists to look at your options.

Operating Our Powered Scooters in Tacoma

Operating your mobility safely is vital. You may want to run errands in town, but always remember to exercise caution. As you should implement safety precautions on the road in a motor vehicle, you too should do the same when driving your scooter. If you are in or around traffic, safety is especially important. Never operate your mobility scooter without having secured your safety belt first. Also, you should always be as aware as possible when crossing intersections and traveling along roadways. Always look both ways and never trust that you can be seen. Since the scooter is much smaller than other vehicles, it is easy to be missed. Always err on the side of caution.

Absolute Mobility Center offers you a large inventory of powered mobility chairs and scooters in both Woodinville and Tacoma, Washington. When it comes to purchasing powered wheelchairs and scooters, adaptive equipment such as restraint systems, hand controls, and transfer seats, or ramps and lifts, Absolute Mobility Center has you covered. It is our mission to make your vehicle as easy and safe as possible. To see our wide selection of Powered Mobility Scooters in Tacoma, come visit us at Absolute Mobility Center today.

*Pride FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments

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