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Powered Mobility Chairs in Tacoma

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Powered Mobility Chairs in Tacoma

With mobility comes freedom and at Absolute Mobility Center, we understand that. You deserve a quality powered mobility chair to not only help you move around with ease but also to regain your independence.

Powered mobility chairs give you the flexibility of both indoor and outdoor versatility. You can also maneuver through tight spaces and move around with ease in places you may have once thought impossible. For Powered Mobility Chairs in Tacoma, come to Absolute Mobility Center. Powered mobility chairs come in many types. Some are front-wheel powered while others are rear-wheel powered. Here's a rundown of the differences between the two.

Powered Mobility Chairs Operation

When operating your powered mobility chair, you turn on a fixed, drive-wheel pivot point. With front-wheel drive (FWD) mobility chairs, you turn on a pivot point which is located in the front. With front wheel, you get a small turning radius which allows you to maneuver through narrow spaces and around tight corners. The two larger wheels in the front make for better control. This style of mobility chair is great for around the house. Also, many FWD mobility chairs are also typically safer to travel over diverse surfaces, due to their focused control capabilities.

Rear Wheel Powered Mobility Chairs in Tacoma

Rear-wheel drive (RWD) mobility chairs have been around for a long time, originally designed to be much like manual wheelchairs in many ways. of course the battery powered ones of today have progressed far beyond their manual counterparts. The two larger wheels in the back allow for increased speed capabilities. You also get a wider turning radius with smoother navigation. This type of mobility chair is great for open spaces and outdoor areas. With rear wheel, you are also able to handle and maneuver over a wider variety of surfaces. Absolute Mobility Center specializes in quality front and rear powered Powered Mobility Chairs in Tacoma.

Absolute Mobility Center has a strong and committed sales staff, equipped with several years of experience to help our customers enjoy mobile freedom. Satisfying our customers’ needs is our number one priority. Feel free to browse Absolute Mobility Center's either inventory online and request more information about our vehicles, or stop on by and speak with one of our trained sales professionals. You can even set up a test drive with a sales associate to learn more. If you are looking for Powered Mobility Chairs in Tacoma, visit Absolute Mobility Center today.

*Pride FDA Class II Medical Devices are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments

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