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Mobility Vans in Tacoma

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Mobility Vans in Tacoma

If you or someone you know needs a vehicle that is more accessible to the physically impaired or disabled, Mobility Vans in Tacoma can be a perfect option. Vans like Chrysler’s Pacifica, from the Town and Country line, can be modified into the perfect vehicle for those who needs a little accommodation. With 102 available features in the Pacifica, you can select from among the features that best suit your needs, customizing the vehicle to your particular needs. If you want assistance in this process, Absolute Mobility Center in Tacoma would love to assist you.

High Tech Mobility Vans

Using technology to have greater access to Mobility Vans in Tacoma is a great move. Remote keyless entry means you don’t need to deal with keyholes and pulling open heavy doors. You can even include a universal garage door opener that will give you easy access to your home, rather than having to mess with a door there as well. Siri Eyes Free lets you look up information without ever having to pick up your phone. All of these adaptations make it easier to get to and from your car. These are just some of the features that you can find on board.

Easier Driving in a Mobility Van in Tacoma

Our Mobility Vans in Tacoma can make driving easier for you in multiple ways. These vans include a an ramp for easy access inside while the seats can turn as well giving you full access to a passenger spot or evening the drivers spot if needed. Available features like the Parkview Rear Back up Camera and Rear Cross Path Detection system mean you don’t need to worry about having to turn your head behind you all the time. Likewise, a blind spot monitoring system can help you keep track of things going on to your left and right that are hard to see if you have issues with your neck. Programs like Parksense Parallel/Perpendicular Park Assist help drivers park in a variety of circumstances, even if they can’t turn their head to see the remaining space available.

There are a number of reasons to look into Mobility Vans in Tacoma, not the least of which is that they make your life easier, plain and simple. With so many available features, it’s up to you to decide how you want to customize your van. If you have questions about the process or how to best customize your van, give Absolute Mobility Center a call at 253-267-5280. Our office is located right off of I-5 at 6053 Tacoma Mall Blvd in Tacoma, WA. Our staff would be happy to assist you in selecting the most appropriate features to create your dream car.

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