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Mobility Van Ramps in Woodinville

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Mobility Van Ramps in Woodinville

If you are a wheelchair user, or caregiver to a person in a wheelchair, and need a vehicle ramp to make it safe and easy to get in and out of your vehicle, stop by Absolute Mobility Center. We are the leading mobility center in the Pacific Northwest, and we have Mobility Van Ramps in Woodinville.

Availability of Mobility Van Ramps and Options

We have a state-of-the-art showroom with plenty of Mobility Van Ramps in Woodinville. We feature EZ-Access wheelchair ramps, which are designed to provide a safe and efficient entry to and from your van, and can also be utilized to get up stairs, over ramps, and across curbs. In fact, EZ-Access ramps are versatile, lightweight, and strong, and built to last a long time. Our mobility experts will demonstrate the use of our mobility ramps, and instruct you on how to care, store, and use the ramps safely and efficiently.

Design of Mobility Van Ramps in Woodinville

The EZ-Access Trifold ramp is uniquely designed with a 3-fold construction that can be easily carried, stored, and set-up. The trifold ramp is available in a variety of lengths, so that you can purchase the ramp that will meet your specific needs. It can be carried as a set, or separated into two sections. The EZ-Access suitcase ramp is a single-fold ramp that is safe and portable. Available in 2 to 8 foot lengths, the suitcase ramp has a non-skid platform that provides excellent traction, and a self-adjusting transition plate.

Eddie and Amanda Riveira started Absolute Mobility Center 25 years ago because they had a dream of helping individuals with mobility problems, such as getting wheelchairs in and out of a vehicle safely and efficiently. Since that time, our company has flourished and become a premier mobility center. We focus on solutions to your mobility issues, which is why we have a great selection of Mobility Van Ramps in Woodinville. Our mobility ramps will make your life easier, and ensure that you have the ability to go on trips, grocery shopping, and to important events.

If you need a ramp to make wheelchair transitions safe and efficient, drop by Absolute Mobility Center, located at 21704 87th Ave SE, Woodinville, WA 98072, to check out our Mobility Van Ramps in Woodinville. Our ramps are safe, efficient, strong, lightweight, durable, and versatile, and can be utilized to get in and out of mobility vehicles, up stairs, over curbs, and across landings. For more information, call 425-481-6546.

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