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Mobility Van Lifts in Tacoma

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Mobility Van Lifts in Tacoma

If you are thinking about getting behind the wheel of a mobility van or even just enjoying riding in one, but are a little intimidated about getting up a ramp, look into Mobility Van Lifts in Tacoma. The Under Vehicle Wheelchair Lift is both effective at what it does and loaded with safety features that will ensure you are able to get in and out of the vehicle both safely and with ease. If you want to learn more about the Under Vehicle Wheelchair Lift, get in touch with Absolute Mobility Center in South Tacoma today.

Effective Mobility Van Lifts

The Under Vehicle Wheelchair Lift is one of the best Mobility Van Lifts in Tacoma. This lift is mounted on the underside of your mobility van, so it is not unsightly, cosmetically. More than just cosmetics, though, the under vehicle lift means more space inside, no obstruction of the driver’s view outside, and easier access to the interior for both passengers and cargo alike. To use your lift, you can use a standard handheld control or an available remote control. You’ll have no concerns about the lift being capable of carrying your electric wheelchair, as the lift is capable of lifting 750 pounds.

Safe Mobility Van Lifts in Tacoma

Some people are worried about a lift malfunctioning during use and causing injury. Mobility Van Lifts in Tacoma are highly developed, especially with a mind for your safety. Features like the inboard roll stop prevent the operation of the platform if that space is occupied by something else. Your lift will notify you and other passengers via a threshold sensor mat if you are too close to the edge when the lift is below vehicle floor level. These features and more will keep you safer during lift operation.

To make the most of your mobility van, be sure to get one of the best Mobility Van Lifts in Tacoma. Look into the great products offered by Absolute Mobility Center if you want a lift that will not only get you easily in and out of your mobility van, but also keep you safe every time. If you have questions about the different lifts on the market, call Absolute Mobility Center at 253-267-5280. Our professional staff will answer any of your questions. You are invited to come down to the office at 6053 Tacoma Mall Blvd in South Tacoma today to try out a lift and choose the one that best fits your needs.

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