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Auto Transfer Seats in Tacoma


Auto Transfer Seats in Tacoma

If you want to keep your guest safe and more comfortable, head over to Absolute Mobility Center and check out auto transfer seats. Auto transfer seats allow your passengers to enjoy a full range of mobility. For more information and an outstanding selection of auto transfer seats, stop by Absolute Mobility Center.

Auto Transfer Seats Installed

The transfer seat base is a 6-way transfer seat base that is designed to ease the process of transitioning the driver or passenger into the seat position. If you are interested in installing an auto transfer seat, you do not have to worry; you can easily install an auto transfer seat without drilling into vehicle. The user has the perfect amount of comfort thanks to its standard adjustable rotation speed. Auto transfer seats is built with the interlock, which ensures the seat belt and air bag always function as they properly should. The interlock can also prevent the seat from moving accidentally during the vehicle’s operation. If you have any questions about auto transfer seats, head over to Absolute Mobility Center.

Features of the Auto Transfer Seats in Tacoma

When you are shopping for Auto Transfer Seats in Tacoma, get to know its wide variety of features. Auto transfer seats are built with a 180-degree swivel, which allows your passengers to enjoy a full range of motion. With this feature, your passengers can enjoy flexibility in how they can get in and out of the seat. Your vehicle will be protected courtesy of safety covers. These safety covers will conceal and protect the mechanisms. Auto transfer seats can be upgraded to include an available hand held pendant. The hand held pendant is built with easy access switch box allows the use to have a greater choice in where they place their controller.

If you are looking for Auto Transfer Seats in Tacoma, make Absolute Mobility Center your first and only stop. Their talented staff can put the right equipment in your vehicle to ensure your passengers stay comfortable. If you are looking for an everyday vehicle, Absolute Mobility Center carries an outstanding selection of new and used vans. The vans offer outstanding amenities and features that can be enjoyed by all passengers. For more information on van rentals, talk with their experienced staff. If you need a wheelchair or scooter for everyday use, their staff will be able to find ones that suit your needs. The wheelchairs and scooters they have powerful, durable and easy-to-use.

For more information on Auto Transfer Seats in Tacoma, head over to Absolute Mobility Center. The staff at Absolute Mobility Center will be able to find the right seating for your passengers comfort and safety. Absolute Mobility Center serves a variety of customers from Kirkland, Woodinville, Redmond and Lynnwood.

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