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Auto Adaptive Equipment in Tacoma


Auto Adaptive Equipment in Tacoma

If you need to have your vehicle customized with adaptive equipment, head over to Absolute Mobility Center. Their staff has helped thousands of area residents create a better every day driving experience where all of their passengers needs are met. The right adaptive equipment can make all of the difference in your vehicle, so work with their talented staff.

Auto Adaptive Equipment from EZ-Lock

When shopping for Auto Adaptive Equipment in Tacoma, check out their wide variety of EZ-Lock Electric Docking System. This system is a simple and allows your wheelchair to stay in place in any driving and weather condition. This system can easily be locked into place, as you just need to guide the wheelchair until the interface is engaged into the docking station.

When you arrive at your destination, to release the wheelchair thanks to the convenient push button switch. The Q-Straint restraint system is the perfect alternative to wheelchair tie-downs. The Q-Straint does not need to be applied manually and can be secured with one hand. You can avoid accidental tripping thanks to the absence of belts.

Hand Controlled Auto Adaptive Equipment in Tacoma

When you are looking for Auto Adaptive Equipment in Tacoma, work with the staff at Absolute Mobility Center and learn about hand controls. Hand controls allow the driver to apply the brake and accelerator with the use of their hands. To apply the accelerator, all you need to do is rock the upright handle rearward. You will have added safety using hand controls thanks to the accelerator lock-out feature. Carospeed Menox uses intuitive hand control that allows you to easily move the accelerator and brake. These controls make it easier to use your brake and gas pedal, as you just pull for the gas and push for brake. If you are interested, contact Absolute Mobility Center because installation is simple.

Transfer seats can be the perfect addition to your vehicle as they offer comfort and safety for all passengers. These seats are designed to ease the passengers from driver to the passenger position. If you are going to be installing a transfer seat, it is easy and it does not require any drilling into the vehicle. The transfer seat allows the seat belt and air bag to properly be deployed in the event of a collision. Transfer seats can be built with a variety of amenities including 180-degree swivel. Safety covers match the OEM interior of your vehicle, keeping the mechanisms of your vehicle concealed and protected. The easy access switchbox allows the user to have an increased range of where they put their controller.

For more information on Auto Adaptive Equipment in Tacoma, stop by Absolute Mobility Center. Absolute Mobility Center sets the standard when it comes to customizing your vehicle with adaptive equipment. Absolute Mobility Center serves a variety of customers from Kirkland, Woodinville, Redmond and Lynnwood.

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