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Toyota Sienna Rampvan® XT Wheelchair Accessible

2011 Toyota Sienna Rampvan XT Wheelchair Accessible

The all-new 2011 Toyota Sienna with the Rampvan conversion offers the same wheelchair accessibility and convenience of all BraunAbility vehicles in a sporty, streamlined package. The bold, new attitude of this popular vehicle is a refreshing take on the traditional minivan. With more visibility, maneuverability and a gentler ramp slope, the latest Rampvan is an impressive upgrade of an already first-class van.

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Toyota Sienna Rampvan® XT Features:

  • Toyota Rampvan XT - Auto-Door
  • Auto-Door

    The wheelchair van's sliding door opens reliably at the touch of a button. This feature can be activated with the standard keychain remote, or with one of the interior control switches.

  • Toyota Rampvan XT - Auto-Ramp
  • Auto-Ramp

    The lightweight aluminum ramp extends to allow easy access to the interior for wheelchairs and scooters. A durable, non-skid powder-coated finish ensures superior traction, and the slotted surface helps to prevent your chair from tracking debris into your Rampvan XT handicap van. In the event of power failure, the ramp can be operated manually.

  • Toyota Rampvan XT - Auto-Kneel
  • Auto-Kneel

    To make boarding even easier, BraunAbility handicap vans feature an integrated "kneeling" system. An actuator lowers the rear suspension while the door opens, which reduces the slope of the auto ramp.

  • Toyota Rampvan XT - Cargo Area
  • Cargo Area

    The spare tire is stored below the rear cargo area, providing much more storage space over the 2010 model. Third row roll-and-tumble seats fold forward to offer additional cargo space when needed.

  • Toyota Rampvan XT - Rear Bench Foot Rest
  • Rear Bench Foot Rest

    A Braun-designed footrest adds comfort for backseat passengers and folds away automatically when not in use.

  • Toyota Rampvan XT - Remote Control
  • Remote Control

    The door, ramp and kneeling functions can be activated by the van's original key remote control. Just press the passenger sliding door button twice, and everything operates automatically.

  • Toyota Rampvan XT - Lowered Floor
  • Lowered Floor

    From the firewall to the rear axle, the wheelchair van's floor is up to 10" lower than conventional minivans. With a choice of seating positions, wheelchair users can choose to ride in their chair and enjoy the view.

  • Toyota Rampvan XT - Removable Seating
  • Removable Seating

    For those who wish to ride up front or even drive from their wheelchair, BraunAbility makes it easy: simply unlock the seat base and roll the entire seat out of the handicap van. The seats can be reinstalled into the Rampvan XT just as easily when needed.

  • Toyota Rampvan XT - Wheelchair Tie-Downs
  • Wheelchair Tie-Downs

    Each wheelchair van includes a standard floor-track and belt system that secures the wheelchair for transit. An optional retractable belt system, pictured at left, is a versatile and convenient option. Independent users can even elect to have an automatic tie-down installed. Due to the wide variety of wheelchairs and tie-down systems available, we recommend that you check with your local dealer to determine which system will work best for you and your handicapped van.

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